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Optico Business is the premiere commercial division of Critical Hub Networks, Inc, a telecommunications company that services residential communities, hotels, universities, in addition to businesses.

Optico Business delivers business-class communication services through our 100% company owned and operated Fiber Optic network to any size enterprise.



Optico Business telephone service is a first class telecommunications solution that delivers local, domestic and international long distance services with per trunk and per minute rates much lower than that of traditional services.

Our services can be activated in just days - not weeks as with traditional telephone services.

Standard Features:
• Inbound & Outbound Calling
• Long Distance Termination
• Islandwide Local Calling (Puerto Rico)
• 411 Services
• 911 Services
• Inbound Caller ID and Name

Ask to a Sales representative for our Telephone Service solutions!



Increasingly, organizations are recognizing the benefits of colocating mission-critical equipment within a data center. Critical Hub Networks can provide expert management services that include administration, monitoring, and maintenance of your equipment. With Critical Hub's Colocation services, your business benefits from working with a single-source provider that understands your colocation needs.

Critical Hub offers a secure, dedicated, carrier grade environment to colocate your voice, data, or Internet equipment. Customers colocating their owned or leased equipment in Critical Hub's state-of-the-art colocation facility receive direct access to a robust IP backbone providing high-speed Internet connectivity and the dedicated infrastructure necessary to compete in today's marketplace.


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You need to run your business securely and efficiently. No matter your field, you need to trust your telecommunications infrastructure.

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With important tasks at hand, you need a telecommunications set-up that can handle the workload, yet is reliable and secure enough for both employee and citizen access.

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Dear healthcare provider: are you ready? With the move to digital records and prescriptions, a robust telecommunications infrastructure is necessary now more than ever.

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Big or small, all businesses have to be ready for everything. We are capable of giving your company more value for your investment.

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Optico Business has all the telecomm solutions you need, ready for you in one safe location. Our disaster ready data center is prepared with the finest technology to keep all your information secure and online, thus ensuring your company's mission-critical data and applications.

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To ensure continued high-quality service, all companies have to start with a reliable infrastructure. Perhaps your personnel are not experienced enough or your company requires them to concentrate on other projects.


652 Hipodromo Street
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907

PO Box 11278, San Juan PR 00910-2378 


Sales: 787-728-9799
Customer Service: 787-728-9790

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